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Alois' Dare Gets... Sexual
Alois Trancy x Ciel Phantomhive
WARNING: This contains Yaoi (Male x Male). If you do not like sexual fanfictions, I suggest you get away from this fanfiction. Another thing, Ciel is seme in this fanfiction. And... he is DEMON!Ciel! Don't question me if it gets confusing.
I disclaim all rights to Kuroshitsuji I and II.

A voice was heard throughout the Phantomhive Mansion. Alois Trancy has shown up in the afternoon, and yet, once again, no one was in the mansion but Ciel Phantomhive. The Earl was in his study, looking over receipts from the Funtom Company's sales. They weren't that high, but they weren't that low either. Although, when Ciel heard a voice, his shown eye had widened slightly. Alois ran up the steps to get to Ciel's study and slammed the door open. In seconds, the cobalt-blue haired male was hugged tightly and a cheek was rubbing against his.

"What are you doing here, Trancy?"Ciel asked, annoyed that the blonde showed up."Can't you leave me alone for once?"


"I thought not..."Ciel mumbled and pushed Alois off of him."Like I asked before, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, no reason."Alois said, a slight smirk on his face.

"If you have no reason to be here, you can go."Ciel said, picking up a pen to sign something.

"I have a dare for you, Shieru."the blonde said, his smirk going wider.
"Dares are immature."

"Not this one."the Trancy said, his smirk turning into a smile."I dare you to give me a strip tease."

"That's a dare that I will not do. Not even if my life depended on it."Ciel said, signing another paper.

"We can go in your room, and you can do it there."Alois added.

"The answer is still no."Ciel said, his cheeks red."Why do you want me to do such a thing?"

"Last time we were alone, we had fun. Also-"Alois started and then put his hands on Ciel's shoulders."-I liked the way you squirmed under me."

"Shut up."Ciel said, his cheeks going from red to crimson."I hardly remember with what we did in the first place."

"Then, I shall remind you how submissive you were a week ago."Alois said."You-"
"Shut up."Ciel said, cutting off Alois in a single second.

"You're no fun."Alois said, frowning."Maybe I should tell Sebastian with what we did."

"You're bluffing."Ciel said, folding his arms over his chest."Besides, if that kind of information got out into the public, both of our reputations would be ruined. Think before you speak."

"Hmph."Alois pouted, crossing his arms over his chest."No fun."

"Strip teases are for prostitutes in the first place."Ciel added."Why would a Earl do such a thing?"

"Because the Earl got dared to do it."Alois answered.

"Dares are immature, and they never lead to anything good."Ciel said, frowning."A strip tease dare is asking for sexual intercourse. Now, I suggest you leave."

"Not until you do my dare."

"I said no, Trancy. What makes you think I'll change my mind?"

"I'll cook for you again."Alois answered. Ciel's ears perked up."I know how much you like the way my scones taste."

"Food first."Ciel said, smirking slightly."Since Sebastian isn't here, you'll be butler for a little while."

"Aw. But that means I'll have to say 'Yes, My Lord'. I'd rather stick to calling you 'Shieru'."Alois said.

Ciel sighed and stood up from his chair, walking out of his study to get downstairs to the kitchen. Alois followed, wondering what the other was doing. The Phantomhive got to the kitchen in no time at all, and when the blonde came into the kitchen, he saw Ciel sitting on the kitchen counter, nibbling at a vanilla scone. Alois chuckled slightly.

"Sebastian made these for you, didn't he?"Alois asked, grabbing onto a scone that was on the silver tray.

"Yes."Ciel answered and then looked at the tea pot next to him."Trancy, poor the tea."

"Why? Afraid of getting burnt if you pour it?"Alois asked, walking to the tea pot and grabbing a few tea cups as well.

"I'm not afraid of anything."Ciel said, grabbing a filled tea cup when Alois poured the tea. He sipped it slowly."I'm still not giving you that strip tease."

"Hmph."Alois pouted, crossing his arms."Is it because you're embarrassed?"

"That's ridiculous."

"I bet you are."

"There's no betting involved."Ciel said, taking another bite of his scone."I am not embarrassed. I just refuse to strip in front of anyone."

"But you get stripped by Sebastian. What's the difference?"

"Many things, Trancy."

"Just strip for me."Alois said, leaning closer to Ciel."It's not bad. I stripped for Claude once."

"You lie."Ciel mumbled, hopping off the kitchen counter.

"I don't."Alois said, smirking."Let's go to your room."

"Why? So you can pin me down and rape me?"Ciel asked, glaring at the other before he started to go upstairs.

"Of course not."Alois answered, following Ciel up the steps."Like I would even try to do that."

Ciel sighed and despised the fact Alois was following him. He didn't want to strip for him, but if it was going to make the boy leave, he might as well do it. (That sentence made Ciel sound like a whore >> ONTO THE STORY) Alois was smiling slightly, walking up the steps, his boots making a clacking sound as he walked. Ciel sighed again, getting into his room, and Alois following, closing the door behind him.

"Are you going to strip for me now?"Alois asked, sitting on the bed and crossing his legs.

"Are you going to leave right afterwords?"

"No promises."Alois answered, crossing his arms."And make sure... the strip tease is nice and slow."

"Why slow?"

"Because I'm the one who dared you, and I can add things to that dare."

"Like?"Ciel asked, sighing slightly as he started to take his blue jacket off slowly.

"You don't want to know what I can add to this dare."Alois said, smirking as he watched Ciel strip.

Ciel rolled his eyes, taking off his eye patch next and tossing that on top of his jacket. He slipped the ribbon off slowly, followed by his dress shirt, leaving him in his socks, shoes, and shorts. Alois' smirk was getting wider as almost all the clothes were off. The shorts is what Ciel didn't want to take off. Yet, he had to because of the dare. All the clothes were discarded in ten minutes since he had to go slow when he stripped.

"There."Ciel said, crossing his arms over his bare chest."Happy?"

"Not yet..."Alois said."I dare you to come here and help me strip."

'Bad feeling is that he's asking for sexual intercourse.'Ciel thought.

"Come on, Shieru. I'm waiting."

"What makes you think I'll do a dare like that?"Ciel asked.

"Then I double dare you to do it."

"Double Dare?"Ciel asked."What is a double dare?"

"A challenge that's harder or naughtier than a regular dare."

Ciel groaned slightly and walked over to Alois, slowly slipping the bow and jacket off. He tossed them to the floor, right besides his clothing. He slipped the vest off, followed by the dress shirt, boots, and stockings. He gulped slightly, grabbing onto the booty shorts and slipping them off very slowly. Alois smirked, watching Ciel take off the clothing.

"Why are you having me do this?"Ciel asked, pulling the shorts off finally and tossing them to the floor.

"Today is dare day."Alois answered."Claude and Sebastian are doing it too."

"Why is there such a thing as a dare day?"Ciel asked, sitting down on the bed next to Alois.

"I honestly have no clue."Alois said."It always falls on a Saturday of each year. Always a random month, though. Sometimes it falls on a another holiday."

"Sounds childish and immature."

"It isn't."Alois said."Speaking of that... I have another dare for you."

"I'd rather not do anymore dares."Ciel said.

"I Triple Double Dog Dare you to have sex with me. And top me."Alois said, smirking.
"TOP you?"Ciel asked, shocked.

"Yes. It's been a while since I was topped."

"And you want me to top you? I thought I was bottom."

"Actually, in this one doujinshi someone made, I rode you."

"That's sick."

"Please, Shieru?"

"What do I get after?"

"I'll leave you alone for a whole month."

"Make it two..."Ciel said, sighing and pinned Alois to the bed, kissing him deeply on the lips.


The kissing went on for minutes. Ciel's tongue licked down Alois' cheek, chin, and then going down to his neck. He bit it softly, making Alois moan slightly. Ciel couldn't help but smirk and trailed down to Alois' chest, pinching and sucking his nipples, getting them all hard and erect... just like his member. The cobalt-blue haired male ran his hands over the others sides and hips, making him squirm slightly. Ciel's smirk went a bit more wider as he licked downwards to Alois' member. He licked the tip, slowly and teasingly before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it nice and slowly.

"Shieruuuuu."Alois moaned, bucking his hips up. Yet, Ciel pushed them down, making Alois whine slightly because he was being teased."Such a teaaase."

"Hm?"Ciel asked, a vibration going through Alois' member now from just a simple 'Hm'.

Alois moaned softly at Ciel's sucking. It was getting faster and faster by the minute. The blonde haired male's moaning was getting louder and louder every time the other got faster and faster. After about five more minutes, Alois moaned out 'Shieru' and came into Ciel's mouth. Of course, the other pulled away and swallowed all of the creamy white liquid, licking his lips slightly.

"It seems like you have done this before."Alois said, sitting up slightly."Have you?"

"No."Ciel answered."I just remembered what you did to me."

"Fast learner."

"Shut up before I use your booty shorts to gag you."

"...Yes, my lord."

Ciel gave a soft chuckle at that response. He reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out blueberry scented lubricant. Don't even ask where he got it from. He had blushed a dark red when that person gave it to him for Christmas as a gag gift. It was actually meant for Sebastian. But, someone just had to switch tags. The cobalt-blue haired male slicked up his fingers with the lubricant and pushed one into Alois' entrance. The boy moaned softly and the coldness of the lubricant, but there was no complaints on the pain. Ciel slid the finger in out slowly, getting faster after a few seconds and then adding another finger into Alois.

"Shierruuuu."Alois moaned, arching his back slightly."Where did you get the lubricant?"

"It was a gag gift."Ciel answered, making his fingers going in a scissoring motion.

"From who exactly?"

"The tag on the present didn't say. Now shut up. You are ruining the mood."

"Demonic, aren't you?"

"I can be that way sometimes."Ciel said, a smirk going on his face and his eye glowing crimson.

Alois blinked at Ciel's glowing crimson eye but chose not to question it. Another finger got added but this time with more force and more harder. Alois moaned as Ciel hit his special spot without even arching his fingers. The demonic male smirked and pulled the three fingers out and then slicking his own member up with the lubricant. With hard force, Ciel pushed his member into Alois' entrance. That made the one on the bottom moan with more pleasure than pain.


"Alois. I should tell you this now."Ciel said, a demonic tone to his voice."Don't mess with a demon."

"But just a while ago you weren't a demon."

"I can act like a regular human being."Ciel said."Just like Sebastian."

Alois nodded at that, and moaned at the thrusting. It was fast and hard. Ciel got harder after a few minutes, making Alois clutch onto the white bed sheets below him. After about fifteen minutes of thrusting, Ciel put his lips over Alois' and kissed him deeply so he would moan into his mouth instead into the air. Sebastian was supposed to be back by now, so Ciel wanted to be careful.

"Mmm... SHIERU~"Alois moaned loudly and came onto his and Ciel's stomachs and Ciel's chest.

"Nnngh..."Ciel moaned slightly and came inside Alois.

"Hmm.. who knew you could top so well?"Alois asked. Ciel stood up and tossed a towel at Alois.

"Get cleaned off, get dressed, and escape through the window."Ciel said, crossing his arms.


"Sebastian will be back soon."

Alois rolled his eyes and did as Ciel told. Ciel had done the same and cleaned up the whole mess. After ten minutes, Alois gave the other a good-bye kiss and jumped out of the window. Ciel sighed and laid down in his bed. A smirk was on his face, and his showing eyes was back to his normal color than the crimson.
"Heh... and people say I'm always bottom."Ciel said and got up to go to his study to do other work.
Alois' Dare Gets... Sexual
Alois Trancy x Ciel Phantomhive
WARNING: This contains Yaoi (Male x Male). If you do not like sexual fanfictions, I suggest you get away from this fanfiction. Another thing, Ciel is seme in this fanfiction. And... he is DEMON!Ciel! Don't question me if it gets confusing.
I disclaim all rights to Kuroshitsuji I and II.

This is a weird fanfiction...yes... but it's rare to see Ciel seme. Well, it's the first time I made him Demon!Ciel. I thought it would be fun for a little plot twist when the sexual intercourse came up.

This took me a while to make, especially with having writers block constantly.

Demon!Ciel is a seme! >D It's not everyday where you get to see a fanfiction like this!

Yes, Alois is a seme too. >> But, Demon!Ciel is more demonic to be a seme.
Aloisufancy Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
I love how he said " and people say IM always bottom" heh. Shieru is so cuuuute! C: I love this~<3
r3l3uhcs24815 Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
Thank GOD we can't go to jail for this!
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